In the Shadow of Innovation

Presented by: Laurence Cuffe

I have recently been involved in an EU project to increase the use of interactive whiteboards in the Vocational Education sector, results of which have been reported elsewhere. This talk will examine interim results from the shadow of that project, that is those teachers who were exposed to the training initiative, but chose not to incorporate IWB use into their teaching practice. Research is being carried out by way of a series of semi structured interview at two locations where the training was deployed, and explores both teachers’ pedagogical issues for non-adoption as well as institutional and technological issues which might have influenced their decision. The results will be presented within the framework of introducing technical innovation in general and will, hopefully, be generalizable to a broader context than IWB deployment.

Presenter Biography:

Laurence Cuffe has taught both mathematics and physics at university level in the USA. He holds a doctorate in computational Chemistry from UCD and completed an M.Sc. in applied eLearning with DIT in 2012. He teaches mathematics to second chance and adult learners and curates a number of educational websites.

Twitter: @CuffeL