Implementing Assistive Technology in the Classroom, Using A Universal Design for Learning Approach

Presented by: Juliann Bergin

During this session, the implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles in the classroom will be discussed, and how this can be used to approach integrating assistive technology tools into the classroom for learning.

We will explore the different mainstream and built-in tools that can be utilised to assist learners in accessing the curriculum, and specialised options that can provide additional support for those who may require it. We will look in particular at the primary curriculum, and how different areas, including language, mathematics and the arts, can be supported.

Participants will be encouraged to use their own devices to trial some of the solutions mentioned and provide feedback to the wider group through the use of polling tools and discussion.

Opportunities to trial more specialised solutions will be provided as part of the presentation.
The focus of this session is to make the application of UDL principles and technological solutions more comprehensible and accessible to educators.

Presenter Biography:

Juliann Bergin has worked as a Clinical Specialist in Digital Assistive Technology with Enable Ireland’s National Assistive Technology Training Service since 2008, having previously worked as a Senior Speech and Language Therapist, in both community and disability sectors.

Juliann’s role includes assessing for Assistive Technology solutions, and setting up trials and support for individuals to access education, independence and communication.

She is also involved in providing training to interested stakeholders in all aspects of Assistive Technology.