IDEAL – Integrating Digital Education into Adult Literacy

Presented by: Niamh Maguire, Kathie Orr, Joan Fitzpatrick & Susan Smullen

KWETB Adult Basic Education Service offers a presentation and workshop based on key learning from our participation in IDEAL, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership. The presentation will explore how to use technology with adult literacy, basic skills and language learners including interactive white boards, touch screens and tablets, video making, gaming and social media. We will share practical examples of how to use digital tools with students working at QQI Levels 2-4 on skills such as spelling and writing, numeracy, reading comprehension, language development, teamworking and confidence building. Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in a short hands on workshop to explore the use of these tools for adult basic education.

Presenter Biography:

The presenters are part of KWETB Adult Basic Education Service and are based in the Wicklow region. Our Service provides adults with a first step back into education and offers programmes in basic skills including literacy, numeracy and basic language. We offer accreditation at QQI Levels 2-4 in General Learning. The presenters are experienced tutors in this field and have experience of integrating technology with basic skills tuition and training and supporting other staff members to use these resources. They also participated in an European teaching and learning event in Finland in 2016 where they delivered a workshop on using IWB in Adult Basic Education.