How to reduce ICT Infrastructure related Stress in Schools

Presented by: Tom Lonergan

Given the increasing importance of ICT in schools, making decisions about ICT strategy and the type of ICT is to be used in schools can be challenging, time consuming and stressful. The bigger the decisions are in terms of impact on users, the more challenging, time consuming and stressful they can be. Given that the ‘bigger decisions’ generally affect all staff and students in the school, it’s important to try to make as many ‘good’ decisions as possible. Good decisions and choices improve school life (in terms of teaching and learning) for staff and students while decisions which have unforeseen negative impacts will have the opposite effect to that intended. This session will focus in practical ways on assisting schools to make good decisions in the areas of ICT Infrastructure and technical support, and hopefully reduce the amount of stress involved in managing these areas in your school.

Slides: How to reduce ICT Infrastructure related Stress in schools

Presenter Biography:

Tom is Technology Coordinator in PDST Technology in Education, , where he provides advice and support to schools on ICT infrastructure and Technical Support. He also works on the Schools Broadband Programme in collaboration with the DES and HEAnet.