How To Produce a Podcast

Presented by: Peter Baxter

Podcasts are a simple and effective way of engaging young people, enabling them to share their stories, opinions and experiences. This workshop will be hands on and include tips and techniques on recording, editing and producing podcasts. It will also include information on how and where to share them when they are completed. Different hardware and software options will be discussed and open source alternatives will be included in the presentation. Podcasting offers an incredibly flexible format, and is a suitable medium for presentation of a project in almost any subject.

Presenter Biography:

Peter is an experienced non formal educator specialising in the creative application of music and digital multimedia. He produced the award winning iWalk series and has been working with primary and secondary students for several years on projects and in workshops encouraging students and teachers to collaborate, research, create, produce, edit and share their stories with peers,colleagues, family and friends. Peter is an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Member of the Heritage in Schools expert panel and the founder of both Songschool & Createschool.