Hands-on STEAM Education from a Distance

Presented by: Kate Delaney

As a mobile makerspace, Make Create Innovate has always relied on our ability to engage learners with energetic, hands-on, in person STEAM education activities throughout Ireland. Over the past year we have not only reframed our delivery of our workshops and courses, but also redefined our role within the learning process. We have developed and delivered a number of innovative blended learning programmes for young people and educators with some unexpected and exciting results. We would love to share some of what we have learned with others who may be interested in this process.

Presenter Biography:

Make Create Innovate is a socially-minded enterprise founded in 2015. We are a group of educators and educational consultants offering workshops and courses that give learners an opportunity to make, build, create and explore. We are renowned for our hands-on, team-led approach to the creative application of technology and design in education. As well as working to develop and deliver education programmes, Make Create Innovate also support those working in educational spaces, provide training and expertise to enhance their programmes and practice.