Global Voices Connected by the Wundering Moleskine

Presented by: Bernard Goldbach

While a set of Moleskine journals continue traveling around the world, a growing narrative has evolved across the internet. Learn how the #ictedu team nurtures this narrative through their use of multimedia storytelling tools, PHP code, handheld recording devices and little nudges behind the scenes. Expect to answer three questions while you learn how others responded while #wundering into the project. Don’t plan to attend this workshop unless you keep your smartphone turned on and your imagination ready to sketch a few thoughts of your own. When the workshop concludes, several special digital artifacts will enter the flow and display on big screens in the May “Global Voices” conference at LIT-Thurles.

Presenter Biography:

Bernard @topgold Goldbach is a blow-in American teaching at three campus locations for the Limerick Institute of Technology. He creates and syndicates multimedia stories, drawing on real world narratives.

Twitter: @topgold