Gif – A popular cultural trope co-opted for the classroom

Presented by: Eoin McDonnell and Declan Quinn

Gifs are easy to make and have the potential to automate content and distill the learning tasks for the student. This workshops explores the application of Gifs in the classroom. Participants will get an opportunity to learn Gif making techniques. There will be a demonstration of the use of Gifs to support active learning methodologies in addition to practical hands on Gif making labs. The focus of the session will consider the needs of differentiated learners, making and embedding Gifs with apps, e.g., Screen to Gif, etc. and ‘A Gif Slam!’ where participants work on a team challenge.

Presenter Biography:

Eoin McDonnell – An educator at the Academy of Code with a passion for coding, investigative learning and supporting schools with IT challenges.

Declan Quinn – An Art and Coding teacher with the City of Dublin ETB at Larkin Community College with an interest in bridging the educational gap for students of differentiated ability.