Flipping the Classroom

Presented by: Frances Sheridan & Sam Cogan

The flipped classroom approach is a teaching and learning strategy wherein homework and classwork exchange places so that students view lectures at home via pre-recorded video or audio files and then use class-time to carry out hands-on exercises allowing individual support from their lecturer or teacher while in class. During the past academic year we have used the flipped classroom approach in a number of introductory modules in the School of Computing at National College of Ireland (NCI). Feedback gathered regarding the experience shows that students respond well to the approach and the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in their own time. This is evidenced by a substantial increase in exam results. We propose a workshop aimed at introducing educators to the flipped classroom approach based on our experiences to date. This workshop will give participants a hands-on opportunity to discover how the flipped classroom approach may be applied to their educational setting. During the workshop we will explore the components necessary for an effective classroom flip and discuss the benefits and challenges involved.

Presenter Biography:

Frances Sheridan & Sam Cogan are Lecturers in Computing at National College of Ireland (NCI).  Frances has been lecturing at NCI since 2007 and holds a M.Sc. in Technology and Education and BSc. in Software Systems.   Sam has been lecturing at NCI since 2011 and holds a MSc. in Web Technologies and a BSc. in Business Information Systems.

Twitter:@ sheridan_fran and @ncisam