Fit-for-purpose ICT infrastructure for schools

Presented by: Tom Lonergan

No two school situations are exactly the same. The purpose of ICT Infrastructure for your school is to support the model of teaching, learning, assessment and administration that your school is hoping to implement. This session will hope to assist in identifying some key ‘fit-for-purpose’ elements of ICT Infrastructure, and review a number of approaches in how to plan, select, procure, implement and support these elements for your school. These elements include computing devices, networking, including wifi, ICT to support presenting in the classroom, and cloud based applications. Broadband and technical support are also integral to the discussion.

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Presenter Biography:

Tom Lonergan is Technology Coordinator in PDST Technology in Education, where he advises schools on fit for purpose technologies to support learning. He also coordinates the Schools Broadband Programme on behalf of PDST-TIE in collaboration with the DES and HEAnet.