Explore STEAM: Build Your Own Musical Instrument

Presented by: Kate Delaney

Everyone has used MaKey MaKey to play a banana piano. This hands-on workshop gives participants the opportunity to works in teams to explore this technology further. Using recycled art supplies and conductive materials, participants will design and build their own instrument and use Soundplant software to generate each sound. This is a fun, interactive workshop, emphasising the connection between science and the arts, it gives each participant the opportunity to express their inner band persona!

Presenter Biography:

Having completed an M.A. in Music Technology at Queen’s University, Kate began working in the field of creative technology within education. During the course of the past 15 years; making music, films, animations, and everything in between, Kate has become increasingly interested in using technology in a way that allows learners to design and to create and to be themselves, whilst gaining a deeper understanding about how technology works and how they learn within this process. Kate has recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma for Entrepreneurial Educators at University College, Dublin.