Engaging Students through Collaborative Learning

Presented by: George Blackwood

This presentation will focus on how the use of a Virtual Learning Environment encourages collaborative learning through the use of meaningful online discussions, blogs, wikis and Web 2 tools such as Vokis and Animoto.
It will show
– examples of good practice in Primary and Post Primary schools in Northern Ireland across the curriculum
– the positive and motivational use of web-based technology to develop literacy skills
– how to provide a real purpose and audience for the learners’ written communication
– the power of peer assessment in a meaningful context
– how user generated learning can exchanged, exhibited and reviewed
– examples of learning across and between schools and learning communities
– how to promote and support participative learning outside the classroom and the timetable!

Presenter Biography:

C2k is a Northern Ireland regional Project, whose purpose it is to deliver to schools a high quality, sustainable ICT infrastructure, connectivity and resources. George is a Curriculum and Development Consultant for the Curricular Services Team in C2k with specific responsibilities for
– development and training of teachers on the Northern Ireland managed Virtual Learning Environment (LearningNI)
-creating cross-curricular online courses including Irish Medium
– supporting the ICT Accreditation Scheme
– developing Web2 tools within a VLE
– supporting Teacher Training Colleges
– training teachers on innovative uses of ICT to engage learners through collaborative use of online discussions, blogs and wikis