Effective formative feedback through the use of digital portfolios

Presented by: Ciaran Cronin

Digital portfolios are “… student-owned dynamic digital workspaces wherein students can capture their learning and their ideas, access their collections of work, reflect on their learning, share it, set goals, seek feedback and showcase their learning and achievements.”
(NCCA, 2013)
Teachers appreciate how formative assessment and more particularly, formative feedback can happen as easily in the online space and the impact it has on moving the learner forward. This session will focus on formative feedback, the types of feedback and the resources available for providing formative feedback using digital portfolios.

Presenter Biography:

Shelly Nerney and Ciaran Cronin are Post-Primary teachers seconded to the Digital Technologies team of the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). They work with school leaders and teachers to embed digital technologies to improve learner experiences and outcomes and improve teacher practice.