Don’t get hacked! Security on the modern web.

Presented by: Kenneth Macleod

This presentation will show you how to protect yourself and your accounts by giving you a solid grounding in internet security. It is assumed you already know the basics of internet safety. We will go beyond this and explore the ways information is stolen and accounts are broken into. The talk will be technical in a very approachable way, giving you a few quick advanced steps you can take to assess risk and keep yourself safe. You can take the information given back to your school to help your colleagues and students understand how to keep themselves safe.  You will learn what two-factor authentication is, why it is so important and we’ll have a workshop at the end of the presentation where you can enable it on your own email account.

Presenter Biography:

Kenneth Macleod has over 30 years’ experience in computer security. He worked as a developer for Microsoft and has been developing web-based applications for nearly 20 years at various Irish software companies. An expert on cloud computing, he is currently the co-founder and technology director at Aladdin Schools.