Digital Technology Infrastructure and Technical Support Workshop

Presented by: Tom Lonergan

The workshop is aimed at providing an opportunity for participants (ICT coordinating teachers and digital teams, principals and or peputy principals) who support ICT/digital technology infrastructure and technical support in their own schools, to discuss and share common experiences and challenges with participants from other schools.

These may include areas such as how to manage technical support in areas such as school networking, wifi, computing devices, projectors, interactive panels, cloud based platforms and cybersecurity.

Hear how other schools are managing in these areas, and share what works well in your schools. The approach is that we all learn from each others experiences.

The workshop will also hope to provide guidance on how these challenges could be addressed by schools, and it will provide an update on the Schools Broadband Programme.

Presenter Biography:

Tom is National Coordinator for Digital Technology Infrastructure in OideTechnology in Education, , where he provides guidance and support to schools on all aspects of Digital Technology Infrastructure and Technical Support.

Tom also works on the Schools Broadband Programme in collaboration with the Department of Education and HEAnet.