Digital Storytelling using online animation software: How the digital creativity can help redress inequalities

Presented by: Laura Sloyan

The session would comprise of a presentation and Q&A on the PhD research I am conducting in DCU (under the supervision of Dr. Yvonne Crotty). Using an Educational Entrepreneurial Approach (EEA) to Action research I am creating a curriculum and accompanying online CPD course for post-primary English teachers based on my own experience of using online animation software (PowToon) to tell stories digitally. The research explores how the use of such digital technologies can help redress inequalities for both students and teachers.

Presenter Biography:

I am an English teacher currently working as a HSCL in a DEIS school in Dublin. I have a keen interest in IT in education, particularly how it can be used to combat educational and digital inequality. I am in my final year of study for a PhD in Education in DCU with a focus on digital literacy in the DEIS English class.