Digital Citizenship

Presented by: Sinead O'Sullivan & Siobhan O'Sullivan

ICT is rapidly becoming an integral part of teaching learning and assessment, however as students become citizens of the digital community, they must be guided and facilitated in how to behave responsibly online and develop good judgement when interacting in a global digital society.
Themes explored:
* Digital Citizenship online and in the classroom. (What does it mean to be a good citizen and a citizen in the digital world?)
* Being ethical online (Citing sources, Copyright etc)
* Identifying safe sources of information for students
* Managing myself online (Digital footprint, online identity & social networking)
* Staying safe online (Cyberbullying, Sexting, Inappropriate content)

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Presenter Biography:

Siobhan O’Sullivan and Sinead O’Sullivan have been seconded to the ICT for teaching, learning and assessment team of the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). They work with schools and teachers throughout the country to integrate ICT into teaching and learning in a meaningful way, to improve learner experiences and outcomes. They also support schools in developing their eLearning plans.They have both presented at teacher professional network & ICT conferences.