Designing and stitching textile patterns with Turtlestitch code

Presented by: Mags Amond and John Hegarty

The workshop begins with a brief introduction the software (Turtlestitch), the hardware (electronic embroidery machine) followed by a brief outline of the procedures involved. Participants then work on small groups to programme, transfer, and stitch out their coded designs. Discussion of possibilities for including Turtlestitch in classroom learning activities will ne invited. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops, and check out the designs shared at by the global community.

Presenter Biography:

Mags and John share an interest in varying the output modes of computer coded designs. Recently they have been experimenting with wearable technology and textiles, culminating in a team effort developing expertise in electronic embroidery, using Turtlestitch a jigsaw programming language based on Snap! The Turtlestitch community can be reached at