Design Thinking and Technology in the Classroom

Presented by: Nicole Mullen

Workshop – Design thinking is a method of practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions, with the intent of an improved future result. It is a form of solution-based thinking that starts with a goal, instead of solving a specific problem. Design thinking in an education setting promotes creative thinking, team work, and student responsibility for learning. Workshop activities will use design thinking rely on observation, ideation and prototyping and provide ideas for technology integration. This is an evolving space to combine technology tools and teaching strategies that support learning. This workshop will look at how design thinking can be used in the classroom and how it can be used with technology as a support, and will introduce participants to support offered by Camara.

Presenter Biography:

Nicole, currently the Education and Training Specialist in Camara Ireland, holds a MSc in Education and Training in eLearning, a BA in Education and Training and is a certified Microsoft Office trainer. She has worked in the corporate IT training field for many years before moving into the not for profit education area. She has many years experience in developing and delivering educational courses for all levels. Camara Ireland is a social enterprise that aims to reform the current education system, and empower educators in disadvantaged communities to provide world class education to all.