Cybersecurity Priorities for Schools

Presented by: Tom Lonergan

On 14 May 2021 the HSE suffered a major ransomware cyberattack which caused all its IT systems to be shut down. Hospitals could no longer access their data systems and had instead to use paper based systems to try and keep their hospitals running. Confidential medical information for patients, as well as confidential documents were stolen and published online. Similar types of attacks are an increasing threat to schools data and IT systems, so unfortunately your school could be impacted.

This session will provide an overview of the increasing risks that exist. It will also provide advice and guidance as to how these risks can be reduced.

Presenter Biography:

Tom is National Coordinator for Technology Integration in PDST Technology in Education, , where he provides advice and support to schools on all aspects of ICT infrastructure and Technical Support. He also works on the Schools Broadband Programme in collaboration with the DE and HEAnet.