CSinc: An Inclusive Outreach Model

Presented by: Keith Quille, Karen Nolan, and Roisin Faherty

This session describes the early development of a K-12 outreach model, named CSinc, to promote CS in Ireland. It has already been piloted with over 7500 primary and second level students in its first two years. Schools from all over Ireland self-selected to participate, including male only, female only and mixed schools. Research is underway to investigate the model further. A positive initial outcome was the balance of male and female participants, 46:54 respectively. This session describes the model structure in detail and outlines early findings.

Presenter Biography:

Keith is a lecturer of computing in the TU Dublin, Tallaght Campus. Keith’s primary area of teaching is in Software Development, CS1 and CS2 (C#, Java and Python) and applied machine learning but has also delivered a wide range of other modules. In addition to his current role in TU Dublin, CSinc delivers computing camps in primary and secondary schools around Ireland, promoting computer science to all students.