Creative Learning in the Informal Education Sector – Making the Transition to Schools

Presented by: Stephen Daly

TechSpace is a collaborative program of Camara, Foroige, IADT and CDYSB with a mission to develop a national network of digital media ‘TechSpaces’. A TechSpace is a creative space within a youth service or project where young people are inspired to create, produce and have fun with digital technology. Typical activities include film making, graphic design, game design, coding, music mixing, mobile app development and robotics. The TechSpace initiative is based upon the globally deployed Computer Clubhouse model of learning developed by MIT Media Lab, and includes training & support for educators to confidently adopt the use of technology within their own learning pedagogy and programmes. TechSpace is currently focused on the informal education sector through youth clubs and centres, but the basic principles fit into the formal sector, especially in the area of the new Junior Cert short courses. This presentation will overview the program and explore the applicability to the formal education system of both TechSpace and creative learning through technology.

Presenter Biography:

Steven Daly runs Camara Ireland, the Irish Education Hub of the International Charity Camara Education. Camara Ireland is a social enterprise that aims to reform the Irish education system, and empower educators in disadvantaged and under resourced communities to provide world class education to all. In the last 3 years Camara Ireland has trained 600 teachers and youth workers, and supplied 2,000 computers to schools and youth centres across Ireland. /