Creating Multi-Media resources to transform your workplace practice using an Educational entrepreneurial approach to action research

Presented by: Yvonne Crotty

This presentation will explain the Educational Entrepreneurial approach to action research with its four steps: Exploring, Understanding, Creating and Transforming, which is designed to guide practitioner-researchers to be mindfully innovative whilst working with digital technology. The research approach involves the design and creation of educational resources (for example, multimedia, video, online courses or other educational materials that improves and enhances learning) and documenting the research as it unfolds. During the presentation, we will show examples of how this methodology has enabled practitioner-researchers to be entrepreneurial by taking risks and confidently undertaking research that has a transformative impact.

Presenter Biography:

I am Associate Professor in the School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies in the Institute of Education, Dublin City University and Co-Director of the International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning. I supervise Masters and PhD students. At undergraduate level, I coordinate and teach on the Teaching Methodologies module for Initial Teacher Educators. Previously I taught at post-primary level education for 15 years.