Create Your Own Textbook using an iPad

Presented by: Cormac Cahill

This hands on activity based workshop will show you how to easily create your own textbooks for use in the classroom using your iPad. The same process can also be used by students to work collaboratively to create their own books. The workshop will primarily use the Book Creator App but will also showcase how other apps can be used in conjunction with it to create books containing a variety of digital multimedia. Finished books can be published to the Apple iTunes Store and in a recent update the ability to be able to embed them into your own websites.

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Presenter Biography:

Cormac is a Primary School Teacher working in Cork. He is also an Apple Distinguished Educator and Apple Education Trainer. He regularly delivers workshops and courses to schools on getting the most from the iPad. He has taught for a number of years in an Autism Unit and is now back in a mainstream classroom.