Connecting the Unconnected

Presented by: Joanna Norton

What do pasta, refraction, hairdressing and architecture all have in common? When flicking through photos in a fashion magazine, at what stage do you stop to consider the geometry of the image? Connecting the Unconnected uses local context as a learning canvas to make links between concepts and disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach to learning will help you to start to connect design to lipstick and lipstick to literature. This hands-on workshop will also explore the role of collaboration in making such connections.  The session will provide you with practical ideas to develop creative and thought-provoking learning contexts, where everyone is challenged. 

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Presenter Biography:

Joanna Norton teaches at the University of the Arts (UAL) in London. She works across colleges and disciplines with students from foundation to postgraduate levels. As a creative thinker, her primary area of interest lies at the confluence of divergent disciplines. Her current area of research within Applied Imagination is investigating ways to reimagine science education. Collaborating with designers, makers, writers and scientists, she aims to encourage young people to view science through the prism of fashion, wearable technology, digital literacy and photography in an attempt to promote the relevance of science.