Connecting the Pixels: Teaching Mathematical Concepts through Digital Media

Presented by: Paul Curran

Some learners struggle to see the purpose of understanding abstract mathematical concepts. Often the prospect of using those concepts in a practical way is given as a reason for learning it. But what if familiar practices from digital technologies that learners already engage with could be used to aid the understanding of abstract mathematical concepts? This presentation will explore techniques that have been effective (and those that haven’t) on a Local Training Initiative based at Young Irish Film Makers in Kilkenny. The setting includes learners who have left school early and may have significant gaps in their mathematical understanding.

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Presenter Biography:

Paul Curran works on the Local Training Initiative at Young Irish Film-Makers in Kilkenny. He studied Film and Television Production at IADT Dun Laoghaire and is currently pursuing a Masters in Online and Distance Education at the Open University. He has also been recognised as an Apple Distinguished Educator. Paul previously worked for the FIS Project at IADT as the coordinator of a community digital media project in Loughlinstown, Dun Laoghaire. He worked as a freelance workshop facilitator and consultant for 5 years after that, trading as DigiPaul, before moving to Kilkenny to join YIFM on an exciting new project.