Computational Thinking Unplugged – An overview of tools and approaches towards developing a definition of Computational Thinking

Presented by: Dr. Richard Millwood, Nina Bresnihan, Glenn Strong, Ruairi Brown

Workshop – This session plan is to examine the range of tools and approaches to support computational thinking, identify the descriptions used and to propose and discuss a definition of computational thinking to clarify its reach and depth. Participants will learn about the scope for a bigger picture of computational thinking across the lifecourse and how school fits. The session will also offer participants the chance to learn about computational thinking without using technology. Starting with Papert’s concepts of learning programming through body-centred movements, there is a body of practice that this workshop will explore.

Presenter Biography:

Richard Millwood, Nina Bresnihan, Glenn Strong and Ruairi Brown lecture and research at Trinity College Dublin in the School for Computer Science and Statistics. They are involved in the MSc Technology and Learning and are closely involved in current developments in computing in schools in England and Ireland.