Collaborating as One Team

Presented by: Patrick O'Callaghan

The 21st Century Classroom: Learning without Limits.

Developing a lifelong love of learning by encouraging anytime, anywhere learning through the seamless classroom.

By an MIE Expert who has been incorporating Microsoft OneNote and Teams to enrich the learning experience of every student and to ensure every pupil is engaged and equipped to succeed in their learning. Promoting interactive collaboration – both inside and beyond the classroom. Using Teams as a learning hub to increase the impact of learning tools across Microsoft 365 in order to enhance meaningful feedback, create multimedia learning resources, and promote independent learning through purposeful collaboration.

The recording of this presentation is now available

Presenter Biography:

Patrick O’Callaghan is the Senior Teacher responsible for Professional Learning at Rathmore Grammar School, Belfast. He is an MIE Expert and was recently selected to represent the Irish MIE team at the E2 Conference in Sydney, Australia. He co-hosted the Kahoot! and Microsoft Teams session at the EDU Global Summit.