Can a blended learning platform enable Irish to become a living language for L2 learners?

Presented by: Jane O'Connell

Story – I seek to introduce my action research project entitled ‘Is Tusa an Múinteoir’, undertaken by myself- a teacher-researcher, twenty 4th class students and their parents, which seeks to create opportunities for L2 learners of Irish to engage with the Irish language through a blended learning platform which includes the launch of both a class blog and class Twitter account as Gaeilge. The presentation will examine: • the context of L2 learners of Irish in English-medium schools • the rationale of blended learning for L2 learners of Irish • action research as a methodology to guide effective implementation of ICT • student and parent feedback regarding ICT accessibility and ICT & L2 learning • tips for effective implementation of ICT in a blended learning setting

Presenter Biography:

Jane, a language graduate of Japanese and French, completed teacher training in the UK. Teaching in Ireland now for 10 years, her passion lies in language learning and teaching with a keen focus on the effective use of ICT in language pedagogy. An active member of the Modern Languages in Primary Schools Initiative, and winner of the European Language Award in 2009. Completed an M.A. in Language Education at IT Blanchardstown with a specialism in Computer Assisted Language Learning, currently researching PhD at Trinity College. Action research seeks to explore approaches to engage L2 learners of Irish- both students and parents- to engage with the Irish language with a strong focus on the role of ICT. In September 2014 launche peer tutoring, class blog and and Twitter account as Gaeilge to help make Irish a living language for L2 learners of Irish.