BYOD – Bring your own ‘Device’ or ‘Disaster’

Presented by: Tom Lonergan

Story – BYOD – Bring your own ‘Device’ or ‘Disaster’ ; BYOD is already happening in schools in Ireland and worldwide. ; The session will attempt to address the following questions: • Is BYOD an option for just some schools or is it relevant to all schools? • What are the benefits, issues and challenges associated with BYOD? • Does the role of teachers change when using BYOD? • Are there examples of good practice that can assist schools? • Is there support or advice available that can guide schools?

Presenter Biography:

Tom is Technology Coordinator in PDST Tech in Ed. He provides advice and support to schools in relation to how technologies can be used to enhance and transform learning. He also coordinates the Schools Broadband Programme on behalf of PDST-TIE in collaboration with DES, DCENR and HEAnet.