Build a Bridge 21 and get over it!

Presented by: Dermot Walsh

Prototype and test an online learning activity using the Bridge 21 model during a Design Thinking task.
Given a WordPress theme, working In pairs, your task is to build a prototype of a Bridge 21 learning activity.
Next, you will evaluate your fellow participants learning activity and post feedback to their blog.
Later, test your learning activity back in your own class by accessing it online.

Opportunities offered to those who might attend:
Create an Instructional design activity using WordPress.
Collaborate with peers.
Design a Bridge 21 learning activity.
Experience prototyping and testing from the Design Thinking model.

Presenter Biography:

Currently on career break, Dermot is a primary school teacher and a Ph D candidate with the school of computer science and statistics at Trinity College Dublin. Current areas of research include 21st century learning, Continuous Professional Development, e-learning and Instructional Design.