Bridging the gap – preparing students for the expectations of higher education

Presented by: Kate Molloy

Second-level students that enter higher education come from a plethora of backgrounds and vary widely in their digital skills. In higher education students that never completed assessment electronically might do so for the first time, and with high stakes. In this session, we will examine digital skills and learning technologies that second-level teachers can implement in their classroom to facilitate an easier transition. We will also discuss how their new teachers in higher education can keep student needs in mind as they plan for their teaching and learning. We will leave some time for discussion about the session.

Presenter Biography:

After teaching English for two years in an inner-city high school in the United States, I moved home to Ireland eight years ago and have taught in a wide variety of schools. I have been attending CESI conferences since 2012. Recently, I have moved on to become a Learning Technologist at NUI Galway. Working with the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, I see wonderful things happening around campus with the use of technology in the classroom. Much of it resembles areas that I used in my own teaching; which include the flipped classroom, instructional design and learning technologies.