Bridge21: Snap4Arduino

Presented by: Jake Byrne & Kevin Sullivan

This workshop will introduce students to computer systems using Snap4Arduino. Snap is a block-based programming environment (yes, just like Scratch), the version we will be using allows you to interface with a small Arduino micro-controller. This session will introduce what an Arduino is, the Snap4Arduino environment and playing around with various inputs and outputs (LEDs, light detectors, servo motors etc.). We will have laptops available, but you are free to bring your own if you would like help setting it up. Pretty much anything with a USB port should work (Windows, Apple, Linux, ChromeOS).

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Bridge21 is an education programme based in Trinity College Dublin. We offer a new model of learning, that can be adapted for use in Irish secondary schools. Designed to support an innovative 21st Century learning environment within schools, we have developed a learning model for second level education that is: Team-based, Technology mediated, Project based, Cross- curricular. Since 2007 we have trained over 12,000 students and 2,000 teachers in the use of our model.

Dr. Jake Rowan Byrne is the CS-STEM programme manager at Bridge21. Kevin Sullivan is the Education Manager at Bridge21.