BreakoutEDU – make the team, break the code!

Presented by: Mags Amond, Pam O'Brien, Paul O'Callaghan

A reprise of last year’s workshop to spread the message that immersive problem solving in codebreaking teams is an energising way to engage students, of any age, in their learning. ‘BreakoutEDU games teach critical thinking, teamwork, complex problem solving, and can be used in all content areas’

Presenter Biography:

Mags – retired teacher / PhD student, is Ambassador for CESI and volunteer with Coderdojo Ireland.
Pam – lecturer in Maths and Computer Science, leads the team which organises ICTEDU, is a Coderdojo mentor and coach/mentor to the Youth Media Team.
Paul – primary school teacher, combines problem solving, computational thinking, and future proofing pupils for life, in a school with an actual BreakoutEDU classroom.