MicroBlock Programming a micro:bit Rover

Presented by: John Hegarty

Attendees will work in groups of two to program a two wheeled robot using the jigsaw style, block based, MicroBlocks programming language which is similar to Scratch but better suited to physical computing. The hands on session will allow for discussion about how this kind of activity can be introduced in the classroom.

Workshop Attendees should bring their own laptops and install MicroBlocks from here.

The format of the workshop will follow this document here.

Presenter Biography:

John Hegarty works in a 2nd level school teaching JC Coding and LC Computer Science. He manages the CESI mailing list and is active in promoting computing in schools. He is an advocate for the use of Open Source software in education and is a member of the Irish Linux Users Group. He served as CESI’s representative on the NCCA LC CS curriculum development group in 2017