Be a 3D Superhero

Presented by: Paul Lee

The age of digital creativity is upon us. We are able to visualize ideas using lightning fast digital (free/low cost) tools. We are able to physically represent those ideas as real objects. This is the age of the 3D superhero. This presentation will illustrate the fun of 3D modelling using a fast free technology called SketchUp and demonstrate the possibilities of 3D printing today and into the future.

Presenter Biography:

Paul is a “Virtual Architect” with a passion for 3D virtual modelling and printing, and is the Managing Director of Viewsion Virtual Environments, a SketchUp authorised Training Centre. He has presented in Ireland and the US on SketchUp and have published a bestselling ebook: “”Construction Documents using SketchUp Pro & LayOut””. Paul has designed and built large construction projects using SketchUp Pro technology. He initiated the “”Cork 3D Project”” which aims to build a virtual 3D model of Cork City using the help of schools and ordinary people who want to learn how to “”geomodel”” on the Google Earth platform. Paul is currently preparing the launch of “”Designerdojo””- a movement to teach kids SketchUp for free using the Coderdojo network.