‘AT Hive’ – Cultivating an online Assistive Technology Resource.

Presented by: Trevor Boland

‘AT Hive’: a new and evolving resource created by AHEAD and DAWN (The Disability Advisors Working Network) that aims to raise awareness of Assistive Technology (AT) in the education sector as AT is now ubiquitous and is an essential factor in creating a fully inclusive learning and teaching environment. AT empowers the student as it gives them options about how to read, write, organise and ways to engage with peers and staff. As diversity and disabilities rise in Education the need to promote AT, which refers to practical tools that enhance independence for people with disabilities, is more important than ever especially in O365 and Google.

Presenter Biography:

Trevor Boland is currently the Digital Officer in AHEAD, who advocate for UDL and inclusion in Further and Higher Education.Trevor has also worked as an Assistive Technology for 7 years, as a Lecturer in an Access Programme in DIT and as an SNA in Primary and Secondary Schools.