Animating GIFs with Geogebra

Presented by: Neil Butler

The workshop will introduce participants to the free mathematical software “GeoGebra”. Participants will be introduced to some basic tools and concepts which will enable them to create looping geometric animations, export them and share them online. Mathematical concepts introduced will include: Trigonometry; coordinate geometry; and sequences & series. No prior knowledge of mathematics or Geogebra is required. The workshop will use “GeoGebra Classic 5” which is available to download in advance, for free, here:

Presenter Biography:

Neil Butler is a maths teacher and SENCO in North Wicklow ETSS. He is one half of the team behind @mathsmeetIE (with @pamelaaobrien) that organise and run maths-based teachmeets. He has particular interest in artistically, musically and culturally situating maths learning in order to help ignite creativity in learners and speak to their experiences as young global citizens.