Animating Education: Fís in Action

Presented by: Michael Mc Namara & Denis Moynihan

This session will provide an outline of the animation making process, as detailed in the newly launched PDST Fís Animation Course. We will explore how animation making supports and enhances learning in the classroom from both an academic and social perspective. Firstly, a step by step outline of the animation making process will be explored, encompassing the practicalities involved when engaged in this activity in the classroom. Following this we will explore how to create a short stop motion animation using appropriate tools.

Presentation Slides

Presenter Biography:

Michael and Denis have been seconded to the ICT for Teaching, Learning and Assessment Team as part of the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). Both presenters are experienced in the use of animation making and filmmaking, with Michael being one of the authors of the newly launched Fís Animation Making Course.