Android Tablets in the Classroom

Presented by: David Kearney

Workshop – Introduction to Android Software and Hardware. We will look at a range of Android Tablets and associated hardware: to include screen sizes from 7″ to 10″; hardware/control features; pens, mice,keyboards; connecting with a projector/computer. In terms of Software, we will look at the Android ‘os’ and at a range of Apps across the curriculum – Apps that will run on the Tablets themselves and/or directly on a computer. Some Apps deliver content while others can promote active learning methodologies. Suitable for both Primary and Post-Primary Teachers.

Presenter Biography:

David began his career as a Teacher of Geography and of Maths in 1978. He obtained his first qualification in the use of ICTs in the classroom in 1981. He has taught Computer Studies modules and has used ICT in Maths as part of his M.Ed research. He is an NCTE Tutor and has delivered a number of ICT courses to Teachers. In 1999, David was seconded as ICT Advisor to Drumcondra Education Centre. David has been a member of the CESI Executive, and has held the Chair of CESI. David leads his own training and consultancy company, focussing on ICT solutions in general (and Interactive Whiteboards and Android Tablets in particular) for the education audience. He manages two websites: (the ‘Drumcondra Interactive Whiteboard Project’) and