Ag múineadh na Gaeilge le cartún

Presented by: Nicola Molloy

I will be showing through the medium of Irish, how to create your own cartoons. This is for Irish teachers in both the primary and secondary sector. The aim of the cartoons is to show traditional Irish stories in a fun and engaging way. People will be able to use pre-made cartoons in their class, they will learn how to create their own characters and animate them and how their students can use these tools in class to make their own videos.

Presenter Biography:

I am a secondary teacher in Le Cheile Secondary. As an iPad only school I needed to be creative in my delivery of the syllabus. Over the past two years I have found creative ways to engage my multi denominational students in the Irish language. When speaking to múinteoirí gaeilge, you quickly find out that there is lack of creative and progressive resources. My aim is to modernise my Irish classroom and help students to fall in love with the language.