A look inside the Youth Media Team

Presented by: Pamela O'Brien

Following on from last year’s successful and popular workshop, the Youth Media Team are again offering attendees an opportunity to learn with them. In this session you can become a member of the team and learn the processes involved. The team will take you through their workflow from preparation through to the actual interview leading to the blog post which proves that the job is done!

Presenter Biography:

The Youth Media Team (YMT) is a group of teenagers who attend and report on various events and conferences. They first came together in May 2013 to add a young student voice to the annual ICT in Education conference. Since then, collectively and individually, the ‘red shirts’ have brought their unique blend of interviewing, blogging and tweeting to a number of events up and down the country. The team is primarily made up of students from schools in Tipperary but when opportunity allows we extend (YMTx) to bring in enthusiastic and capable new members from schools local to events also. Mentors Pam O’Brien and Bernie Goldbach from LIT, and Dr. Conor Galvin from UCD, guide the team through the process.