A Critical Framework for the Future of i-Technologies in 21 Century Schools

Presented by: Daithí Ó Murchú

Have we reached a precipise where technologies in schools are doomed to fail due to a lack of a Critical framework and vision for the ‘Now’? Have so many schools, colleges and teachers abandoned interactive technologies to go ‘back to the future’ of Cuban’s ‘Killing Machines’? Are we so blinded by having come so far and spent so much money in schools on technology that we are failing to enhance learning through Interactive technologies and the era of gimmickry has arrived? Is this the precipise or the tipping point towards a brighter, more intelligent e-maturity in education as a whole? Is going ‘Back to the Future’ not a good thing at this juncture? This presentation will explore , through my most recent, longitudinal research into pre and in-service, teachers’ pereptions of interactive technologies, the reality on the ground and propose a Critical framework to cause debate and provoke educationalists to re-envision the state-of-play in 21 Century Schools.

Presenter Biography:

Dr.Daithí Ó Murchú is a primary school principal teacher in Ladyswell NS, Mulhuddart, Dublin, Ireland. Following on from his PhD in Technology and linguistics, and subsequently in Elementary education, and eLearning, he was appointed as a cultural and technology expert with the European Union’s MyEurope schools, and a distinguished member of AUCEi, CRELL, Learning to Learn, and 2nd. Forum for Learning EU Expert Boards, Daithí also collaborates with International universities on their distance-education, and teacher training programmes.Presently Daithí is collaborating with universities and companies globally in innovation, management, technology and linguistics projects. He serves on numerous conference review boards worldwide. He continues to teach in a DEIS, Band 1 dis-advantaged school, which is his first ‘mathethical’ love and his books, presentations and keynote speeches have been enthusiastically received.