17 times 23, Manholes, and the word unique.

Presented by: Laurence Cuffe

I wish to describe the simple low key use of technology to enhance a math class for Learners whose mother language is not English. I will describe the use of a Google Home speaker, and a tablet to simplify some communication tasks. The emphasis in this talk is on small interventions which can make a large difference for students who may have difficulties with communication.
For a dyslexic student, the advice “Look it up in a dictionary” is not useful.
For a non English speaker, more explanations in English, may not make it clearer.
I will discuss some technological workarounds.

Keyword Google Home.

Presenter Biography:

I teach Math with the KWETB to Adult and second chance students. I have taught Math at college level in the US, and have an ongoing interest in Technology for learning.