Sound Effects

Presented by: Caroline Carswell

Certain aspects of sound are experienced similarly, regardless of a person’s hearing level. This presentation explores how digital technologies:

– complement and enhance everyday student sound-experiences at school and at home
– lift and clarify a teacher’s voice, regardless of student location in a classroom
– can redirect smartphones as personal listening devices for anyone
– provide information about environmental sound that previously was unavailable
– give today’s deaf students access to sounds not detected by analog hearing-aids

Presenter Biography:

Caroline Carswell, a verbal deaf person who does not sign, relishes challenges.Among the first deaf children to be mainstream-educated in Ireland (1970s) with untrained teachers, she advanced to Trinity College Dublin, graduating with honours and few supports. Caroline later worked in the UK, US, Canada and Ireland, with demanding roles in the digital publishing and marketing fields before establishing IDK.

Twitter: @irishdeafkids