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  • CESI•CS community of practice National Workshops

    Link to confirm attendance at Monagahan on 22 June and choose sessions: Background The CESI•CS community of practice focusses on computing education at all levels and is a collaboration with education centres throughout Ireland through ATECI, the Association of Teachers’ / Education Centres in Ireland and supported by Google. In 2017 CESI welcomed the announcement […]


    A community of practice for educators at all levels & sectors interested in teaching computing National Workshops Summer 2019 Link to register attendance at Monagahan on 22 June and choose sessions: The full programme of events for our summer workshops is now available. Background 57 face-to-face meetings in local education centres have taken place since […]

  • CESI at the Scratch Conference Amsterdam August 2015

    A conference well attended by CESI folk and others from Ireland, with plenty of excitement, friendship and depth from the leading lights in the global community of Scratchers. Several sessions involved CESI folk including Mags Amond, Susan Nic Réamoinn and Richard Millwood. The conference was inspiring, as  the cutting-edge new Scratch-related tools and toys were shown, played with and discussed […]