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  • duck

    CAS 3rd Annual Conference 2016

    Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of attending the CAS (Computing At School) conference held at Stranmillis College, Belfast.  (You can watch Simon Humphreys CAS Coordinator as he describes in detail what CAS is and how it works.)  The community of practice approach he speaks about echoes much of what we in CESI are […]

  • acer

    A Chromebook Experience

    Following the publication of a crowd sourced book entitled How I Learn by Helen Bullock for which I wrote an article about mobile technology, a private donation was made to my school to promote language teaching.  (The article had described the effect of an earlier pilot deployment by CESI of iTouches on language teaching and […]

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    Excited 2016 – May 21st

    Join the CESI and the Excited teams for an mind expanding day – and it’s free!  Discover the programme and register at excited.ie